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The Best Quench Thirster

Beat the heat with this simple beverage. It is the best, and cheap concoction , that can be prepared at home in a few seconds.It suppresses dehydration, and  rejuvenates the body .

A small quantity of tamarind has to be soaked in water for a few seconds. Then extract the juice ,to the full. Add  powdered jaggery, and ginger extract . Flavour it with  finely powdered cardamom. Chill it. If you do the preparation in a mud or clay pot, the effect will be superb.

The scorching heat, makes you mad. it drains you off of all your energy. It  renders you waned and exhausted, The chronic perspiration will drive you out of tune. The fatigue  compels you to sit at home. They induce you to utter grunts and  grudges . The body starts aching for no reason whatsoever. The mind loses its repertoire. You become a sneaky snail, a spent buff, a lethargic entity, and a useless brat.

Such a  kind of uncompassionate  disintegration could be well brought into focus by takina  asip of  the prescribed drink. It soothens your dry throat, cools your tract, cleanses your intestines, kindles your kidneys, emulates  the blood flow in the arteries and refills the lost water content in the body.

A wholesome consumption of the  reverberating mixture will wrench wonders to the body and the soul. This is a grandmother’s recipe for summer . It is aptly called as Panakkam.The tamarind juice  acts as a  cathartic,astringent,laxative, and refrigerant . The ginger extract relieves nausea, vomiting,and mitigates arthritis pain.Jaggery is called as medicinal  sugar.It clears lung and throat infection and is a rich source of iron.Flatulence and indigestion are expelled from the system., by consuming cardamom , which  also acts as a stimulant. 

Santhamu lethu, saukiyumu lethu . goes the maxim.

True , external factors like  horrid weather sucks the  body’s temper, which in turn forces you to act tangently, which leads to a sickness and unpleasantness. The permanent cure for such irritable syndrome is in this panakkam.

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A Breathtaking Rise.

Indian Share market had an astonishing recovery on 18/May/2009.It was not a mere jump, but a high jump which baffled Olympic winners who set new records. It is an all time wish that this high jump should also embrace the long jump . They should go hand in hand,The  high and the long should supplement and complement each other. Sustenance , should be vitalised.Nevertheless ,the escalation alone would presume a slithering showcase.  

The markets were closed ,as the entirety was dumbfounding. There was mirth and joy, thudding and thumping, revelling and rejoicing.A trader , who had stocks worth 25 lakhs, a year ago , saw them tumble  gradually to the level of ten lakhs. The ten lakh status was more or less maintained, just oscillating between  nine and eleven lakhs. On Monday , there  was a speedy spurt. It rose to 15 lakhs. The trader , who was downcast all these months , had a seducing satisfaction.

A stable government has brought this cheer. Stability, includes, steadfastness ,continuance,constancy and character of purpose.The election mandate has brought with it a sincere companion , that of stability.

This firm  exposition to disintegration is a value added product. This consistency is a predominant quality ,a precursor to economic progression. The progression will not be constrained to arithmetic enlargement  but push in a geometric extension.!8/May/2009 , marked a sign of reverse trend in the market. The almost static, a depleting market showed significant advance.It  was a  remarkable rejoinder to the  election manifestation.

The spread of gloom got dissipated giving way to a blooming evaluation.A knock of cheer and a click of gaiety , cloaked the country. 19/May/2009, dawned with an expectation of a sensitive trend. The carry on was evenly poised and equally eased. The long timers , gained momentum. The outsourcers saw a slip. The rupee also  has started its forward march, Gold ,sharpened its glittering with a marginal rise. Wedding season is on the calendar . The Indian craze for the shining yellow metal will be fine tuned.Silver is walking close with its sibling. Crude ,the  country cousin of these precious metals, is making waves..

The mid half of 2009, augurs well, with steep climb in stocks . Economy is , straightening up.Industry has to take a headway plunge into the well being. Unemployment will  in course of time diffuse like morning dew. Real estate , which perceived  a sluggish slump .will peep out  and espy greener pastures.

Looking from all directions, I am able to conclude that  franchise, or putting it rudely ,the vote of the  poor man has reinforced prosperity. The politician ,should understand the value of the rights, should deliver good to the  people ,who have voted him to power,and stop seeking personal gains.

The whole system seems to be extremely paradoxical . The methodology exhibits severe irony. The game of scapegoatism should be halted. The mobility of simple faith , blind trust and ignorant entreaties should not be misconstrued. A plain sheet of transparent governance should be the motto of the Congress led Government.

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Karunanidhi in Wheels

The Lok sabha elections have given a vivacious jump to the ailing head of Tamilnadu. Known for his oratory, and astute statesmanship, Karunanidhi has proved himself as a veritable father too.He has assigned the state to his second son Stalin, the central minister ship, to his eldest son Alagiri, thus keeping the family safe from the rife  of sibling in fights. Alagiri ,has not contested so far, but now has emerged successful with thumping majority. His flamboyant ways should get tempered ,as he is about to assume the role of  Minister,and Karunanidhi is insisting that an important portfolio should be given to his son.

The elderly statesman, does not lie content wit this alone. He is demanding a position for his nephew, Dayanidhi Maran and also a junior status to his daughter Kanimozhi.A beautiful partition, has been accomplished. Even the emperors and Kings would not have executed  so meticulously.History tells us of  quarrels, feuds and upheavals. Son killing father for power, brother  murdering brother for kingdom, nephews striking against uncles for the throne, and conniving , scheming behind the curtains ,thus causing a compulsory threat to the ruler.

Karunanidhi, a poet himslf, and a voracious reader had made a research of such extraneous incidents, analysed the piquancy of the problems, deliberated on the confiscations,and drew a game plan this year. Physical discomfort , did not deter his mind set. On the contrary , the sickness has invigorated his acumen.He quietly decided to pitch his tomboy Alagiri for the Parliament election. He was fully assured , that this offspring  of his will  by hook or crook will win ,if allotted a seat. He has won,much to the relief of his soft natured brother..The stage has been set. karunanidhi ,has played a pivotal role.Till now,his game has worked .

Is this tale not amazing? Is it not more fantastic than a fairy tale?

Long ,long ago, so long ago, there lived a king, so opens the fairy tale. Our fascinating story opened eight six years ago, when the child named karunanidhi was born to Anjagam of Tiruvarur.The humble household has given to the world a man with powerful eloquence,  a poet with a mastery over Tamil, a prose writer of merit, ,an erudite politician, a shrewd businessman, who has made tonnes and tonnes of money in politics. He  has cashed on his ailment and infirmity. As every  fairy tale ends , they lived happily ever after, our story also winds up with a  similar ending, that Karunanidhi and his family will live immensely happy hereafter, in pomp and splendour.

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Debt Recovery Tribunal Of India

The Debt Recovery Tribunal Of India , DRT in short, has been biased in resolving the cases. It has not held a balanced view, nor taken a juxtaposed decision in most references. It has all along been the voice of the banks and financial institutions,however much the defaulting companies have a strong  base and just arguments. I used to wonder , then why this body has been set up , with branches and with officials picked from the judiciary and Banks.The enormous expense incurred due to the formation of this tribunal could have been avoided. The representation of the institutions ,to this tribunal, is just an eye wash, and a mere time consuming tactics.

My sincere advice to the companies is never become a defaulter, if at all you slip into negatives, try to pay the amount that which the bank demands , and come out honourably. Do not wait for any mercy, any compassion, any consideration. The lenders never will , nor the tribunal ever would. Arguing the case , is an additional burden to the already battered company. By burden , I mean , the finances and the mental turmoil.

A latest new clipping , brought ,to light  .discrepancies of a case settled. The central Bureau of investigation, has taken action against the erring officials. The Bank has claimed an amount, compensating to the value of the security. The DRT recovery officer, has undervalued the security and settled thes case. This is the complaint of the bank. The bank feels that the officers of the tribunal must have been bribed by the defaulter. .It may be a correct assumption, or may be a false statement. We should not make comments , as the matter is in the court.

Well, will the Central Bureau of investigation take a similar step, if the affected company puts forth an accusation?If the company also tells that the deciding authority has had underhand dealings with the bank,so the case has been given a wrong direction ,what will happen? The issue would have not come to the table,and would have been thrown into the drain.

The Presiding Officer, the recovery officers, the inspectors , should have a penchant for truth,,a valid discretion for merit, a disdain for illegalities and a strength to shun nefarious activities.

Let us wait for the dawn of truth and justice.

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Congress -Encore-Indian verdict.

The dainty Manmohan has captured people’s faith,by his demure demeanour,condescending behaviour  ,simple speech and radical thinking.His personality is one which commands respect. His academics is one which draws brilliance. His tenure as a bureaucrat , is one which shows no blemish.His Primeministership, is one ,which exhibits his tenacity.

The congress has been given a liberal chance , this time  by the electorate.This majority, should  ease the governance, as it is not restricted by different parties, with dissimilar ideologies.The main thrust  by the people on the Congress, is to give them a stable government. The party should live up to the hope of the people .

Manmohan Singh , has vast experience , both as an officer, and as the head of the cabinet. His charm lies in his diplomatic and affable interaction with the opposition and with his own party-men.The major homework , the Prime Minister has to do is  in choosing the right person for the right portfolio. Many diplomats , economists ,and qualified persons have been elected. Manmohan , has to make a impressive calculation and a nonchalantexamination in selection.He should not succumb to political frenzy and bigwigs pressure. He has a long rope in his hand, in the formof  respectable majority which will aid him in providing impeccable governance.

The electorate has reposed entire trust in Manmohan. They have ,after 60 years of independence  understood the meaning of election. The incumbent government,has been subjected to large scale interruptions by the allies.that the performance was not noteworthy.There was a phenomenal threat from the communist parties ,when the Nuclear deal came to the table. There was  skirmishes from regional parties , who had lent support to the government. There was also unprecedented pressure in allotting important portfolios to the parties to the allies. This commitment hampered the delivery of sporadic rule.

The present verdict by the people has given an absolute free deal. Manmohan can go headway with his economic reforms, industrial policies, social agendas and infrastructure development without any breakdowns. Education has to be given special care, as it is the holds the key for future resurgence. Health , has to be given prominence, as there is enormous spread of cancer and immediate casualty of myocardial infraction.The industrial sector has had a severe beating ,during the last two years. They should be addressed to and a proper methodology should be launched to make a recovery.Trading sector, stocks and commodities has had a thrashing in recent quarters.. The stability of the government , will assure the market of security ,and is cautiously nourished will  hasten to a steep rise in months to come.

Manmohan must inculcate a sense of discipline among the parliamentarians. The interest of the nation should come first. The personal scoring should occupy the back seat.

A big “Best of Luck” to Manmohan , as he is opening a new innings.

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The State Bank Of India-Vague Competency.

My alignment to the stateliest bank is so thick and firmly bound. It is something of a  ranting.,as . I indulge  in decrying the demerits of the erstwhile Imperial bank.The affliction has percolated so profoundly, that however much , I try to take this issue out of mind, it keeps on lurking , and disallows me to lie quiet.

The thought may seem to be a little odd, but I perpetuate it to safeguard potential customers to be doubly careful in their requisition for loan, and extremely cautious in tending col laterals. This Bank is a dangerous  institution , when it comes  to  mortgages.It is manned by officials ,who are inhuman, inconsiderate, and pose a falsification ,as though they are busy all through the year. A casual look at the interiors and close view of the premises during the office hours , give a most different portrayal. There is a rush in the lifts, denoting heavy traffic, with office sub staff , running up and down with beverages, and snacks. The staff loiter around , taking a few papers in their hand , pretending to be terribly busy. The higher ups are engaged in telephonic conversations , as though they are sealing the fate of the nation.All these happen in the background of gentle banter.

Their actual work amongst these pretensions look very incompetent , insufficient and not well informed. Their appraisal is filled with inadequate listings, distorted factual, Their response  is bombastic ,but bear no meaning,. Their reaction is pompous but unrelated to reality. Their conclusion is imperious , but totally detached from truth. Their averments are exclusive but exclude veracity. Their action is tardy, but  holds the neck tight. Their speech is kind , but  brings no help. They say they  go by rule, but there is no legality in their moves. They insist on codes , but they follow no such conduct. Their competency is vague, short of standard valuation.

The substandard evaluation of State bank Of India .in most cases , have driven their customers to unexpected extremes and unwanted hardships.

The greater be the  stature ,you   experiences more pain if  you tumble. If a cat slips , it gets up and leaps ahead without any injury. Imagine the plight of the elephant. Its fall is unbelievable and the injury has to be attended to with great care. So State bank of India has to reform its ways and reprimand its officials, to save itself from the plunge.

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A Tirade

Wage a tirade,

Against injustice,

Wage a tirade ,

Against inequality,

Wage a tirade .

Against treachery,

Wage a tirade,

Against bribery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against manipulation,

Wage a tirade,

Against contempt,

Wage a tirade

Against mockery,

Wage a tirade

Against  inefficiency,

Wage a tirade,

Against corruption,

Wage a tirade,

Against sorcery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against malpractice,

Wage a tirade,

Against adulteration,

Wage a tirade ,

Against hoarding.

Wage a tirade ,

Against greed,

Wage a tirade,

Against misappropriation,

Wage a tirade,

Against self conceit,

Wage a tirade,

Against breach of trust,

Wage a tirade ,

Against unbridled anger,

Wage a tirade ,

Against untempered behaviour,

Wage a tirade

Against crude attacks,

Wage a tirade,

Against harsh language.

Wage a tirade ,

Against  atrocity,

Wage a tirade ,

unmindful of victory,

Unnerved by insurgence,

Unaffected by pitfalls,

Unmoved by reaction.

A little reformation,

A small correction,

Bring a big  renaissance.

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Indian Sells His Vote.

The  cost  price fixed by Indian politician for a vote is Rs 500, or 10$.The price , he feels is reasonable. Let us work out his expenditure.

He is a nominated candidate of a party  . His constituency has about 1 million voters.

1000000 X 500=5,00,000,000 RS.or 10000000$.This is his expenditure.

In 5 years his worth is  150X expenses.You calculate the working . I leave it to you. I wish  to become an active politician , in my next birth, if at all I have one. As , I have made no money in this birth, perhaps  I am not made of such  wonderful stuff. I am a loose bag of principles, truth and sincerity , all woven  in the most strange manner.

The 500 Rs has been disbursed  meticulously and with great punctuality.If  the candidate  wins , his tenure is for 5 years . He  will not serve   not  the people, but will start  spinning money. His assets, I am told  will multiply 300 times. Amazing , is it not?

The poor Indian sells his valuable franchise for peanuts. His vulnerability is exploited. His despondency  and his ignorance are stretched to the fullest strength. He is taken in a vehicle to cast his vote. He  is closely watched by the party strongholds of his area. After , the ritual is over , he is left  uncared in the polling booth.  The pampering is over. The coaxing and cajoling ends abruptly. Now , our Indian walks barefoot  home in the scorching sun.

The parties , the candidates, the leaders forget  our friend. He  becomes a non entity. The promises , during the election campaign fly in the air. The political big wig , is busy minting money. His constituency becomes his fiefdom. He rules with aides, who are deputed to collect money for approvals, for sanctions, for admission in educational institutions. His auditors work out his balance sheet. The  professionals are clever in manipulation.The proforma speaks volumes. The Member of Parliament , in a year has brought a turn over ,that no industry, however profitable can produce. At  the end of five years , he becomes one among the thousand richest Indian. It is a  feat unsurpassable , an achievement unthinkable, a credit  astounding.

The Indian who sold his rights for Rs 500, remains the same. He lives in the small thatched hut. There is no proper facilities. There is no sanitation, no potable water, and no basic amenities. A percentage of Indians sleep on the pavements. .They eagerly wait for the next election to get a glimpse of the Member of Parliament . The man walks in with folded hands,in a pressed white dhoti and starched white shirt, with gold rings in his ten fingers and big diamond studded bracelts  in his wrists, exposing in detail his accrued wealth. Mesmerised stands our friend , in his tattered clothes , unkempt hair holding out  his hand to receive , perhaps this time a little more , say 1000 Rs , which is 20$.

Where is  democracy? Where is equality? Where is governance.?

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Indian Elections – A Fantastic Slide Show.

The election to the Indian  Parliament  is over. The campaigning was not attractive. The policies put forward by various parties lack veracity. The candidates have no pronounced capacity.On   the whole ,it appears as though the people have lost interest in governance.

A  Tamil saying goes thus , Raman andal enna ,Ravanan andal enna? Interpreting , iis easy. Whoever governs does not matter? , whether it be a Raman, the incarnation of God or a Ravana, the embodiment of destruction.

The governance of this ancient  nation is a wonderful parody. is a deliberate paradox, and a progressive mockery. The politicians, are a set of individuals , focused on amassing wealth and hoarding money. To get a ratification from a government authority , you have to pay the stipulated fee ,plus some extras to the passing officer. To get a plan approved , you have to wait longer, if you go through the proper channel, but get immediate attention, if you pass on some extras to the concerned officials. To raise  a loan in  public sector banks ,  you have to spend a percentage , to get it done. To get electrical connection to your house, you have to shell out  a few extras to the electrical engineer. To get approval regarding water supply , you have to push little extras to the sanctionig officer. To make use of your Provident fund accruals, you have to ensure liberal extras to the passing authority. To enhance your school ‘s teaching faculty, you should assure the education department of an handsome  extra. .

Considering the policies of the government, a sheltered batch , has taken the reigns. Before passing any regulation, this coterie , endorses the proposal . If the select elite reject  the proposition  goes down the drain. The coalition parties , make things worse , by meddling into each and every interlude. The cabinet , is at the mercy of the rich and the linked parties.

Governance is a word that exists in terms.  There is no rule whatsoever, no progress howsoever, no discipline wheresoever. The largest democracy is undergoing a painful stress. We anticipate , that there would be no absolute majority to any party. A distressed designate  has to wear the crown of democracy, which would be adorned with thorny , rugged stuff.

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Today -A Drab

Today is certainly a gruelling concurrence. The heat is pompous. The events  lack lustre , look very ordinary and modest.The fugitive inclination is dominating my steadfast grapple of life. The intuition to flee , the thought to disappear , the intention to be elusive are directing me to a site uninhabited. I long to move asunder. I drive to take an asylum in a quiet resort.

Similar feelings seem to come on and off. I dispel it with my usual cheer and bubbling enthusiasm. But today , I wish to relinquish all my responsibilities, shirk all my ties ,disentangle from relevant performance, and pause a little before hastening to a retreat.

The murky feeling, the subdued animation, the subjected composition, and the feverish extractions compel me to take refuge in a hilly enclave away from the delirious  circumspection.

Will I cover up this expedition? Will I be able to slowly fade away from the world of pretensions?Will I  reach the winning pole?Will I swirl down and fall?

The articulate mind is exploring multifarious avenues. The ineffective body is deploring many  anticipatory eventualities. The struggle for harmony is dis quietening the spirit. The reciprocates of  expected sequence is absolutely nil. The resistance to maintain tranquility is  effusive .

The percolating drab is munching the artistically built up architecture.It is shredding the finest effervescence. It is distorting the cohesive bondage. It is dissipating the modules of  measurement. It decries  the wrenched references. The settlement is in the anvil. I know not whether , it is for the good or bad.