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The State Bank Of India-Vague Competency.

The Merchant Of Mumbai

My alignment to the stateliest bank is so thick and firmly bound. It is something of a  ranting.,as . I indulge  in decrying the demerits of the erstwhile Imperial bank.The affliction has percolated so profoundly, that however much , I try to take this issue out of mind, it keeps on lurking , and disallows me to lie quiet.

The thought may seem to be a little odd, but I perpetuate it to safeguard potential customers to be doubly careful in their requisition for loan, and extremely cautious in tending col laterals. This Bank is a dangerous  institution , when it comes  to  mortgages.It is manned by officials ,who are inhuman, inconsiderate, and pose a falsification ,as though they are busy all through the year. A casual look at the interiors and close view of the premises during the office hours , give a most different portrayal. There is a rush in the lifts, denoting heavy traffic, with office sub staff , running up and down with beverages, and snacks. The staff loiter around , taking a few papers in their hand , pretending to be terribly busy. The higher ups are engaged in telephonic conversations , as though they are sealing the fate of the nation.All these happen in the background of gentle banter.

Their actual work amongst these pretensions look very incompetent , insufficient and not well informed. Their appraisal is filled with inadequate listings, distorted factual, Their response  is bombastic ,but bear no meaning,. Their reaction is pompous but unrelated to reality. Their conclusion is imperious , but totally detached from truth. Their averments are exclusive but exclude veracity. Their action is tardy, but  holds the neck tight. Their speech is kind , but  brings no help. They say they  go by rule, but there is no legality in their moves. They insist on codes , but they follow no such conduct. Their competency is vague, short of standard valuation.

The substandard evaluation of State bank Of India .in most cases , have driven their customers to unexpected extremes and unwanted hardships.

The greater be the  stature ,you   experiences more pain if  you tumble. If a cat slips , it gets up and leaps ahead without any injury. Imagine the plight of the elephant. Its fall is unbelievable and the injury has to be attended to with great care. So State bank of India has to reform its ways and reprimand its officials, to save itself from the plunge.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

1 reply on “The State Bank Of India-Vague Competency.”

This piece seems to have been written out of one singularly bad experience. However, in an effort to sound literary, it has merely degenerated into the bombastic. You simply cannot and must not translate your anger, dissapointment, etc at an isolated instance into a general denigration of any institution. You then insult all the employees who do give their best, without singling out the bad fish. I am sure there is a grievance redressal mechanism in the Bank, and the effort put into this blog would be better utilised into framing a specific complaint.

SBI is continually improving, even though habits and attitudes of a lifetime do not break easily.

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