Governed by by auspicious time
[i][i]Rahukalam[/i], Yemakandam
[i][/i]Kuligai,Horai, followed by yogams
[/i]Amirtha yogam, [i]Siddhayogam[/i],

Not to leave off the new moon day,
[i]Amavasai[/i],, full moon day, [i]Paurnami[/i],,
[i]Ashtami[/i], the eight day after new moon
or Full moon, [i]Navami[/i], the ninth after the two
moon days.

Limiting our activities to these
we conduct life, plan our travel,
fix wedding dates. the naming
of the new born, entering
the new house.

Too many, too bothersome
having followed so long
one cannot disregard the traditional
beliefs. Fear surges, if we
attempt to bypass them.

I follow these timings
as disciplined as ever.
Going by the traditions
which the forefathers have set
Majority fall in line.