I Dream

It is happening 
 every day in the morning
between 2.30 and 3
I see a beautiful swan
descending  from heaven
sails as elegant as she can
raps on my pillow gently.

I do not open my eyes
 lest, she would fly off
 pretend to sleep 
she walks round my bed
pulls my big toe. I stay 
still. She does it again
 with force, 

I do feel the pain
 but keep my eyes closed
She flutters, her wings  strike 
my face, It being harsh
 I say aiyo. That gives out 
 my status. Opening my 
eyes I find darkness.

It is but a dream
a pleasant one may be
giving me a chance 
to espy a beauty 
one of a swan.
 elegant and charming
 gone extinct long back.