The description is elaborate
a word by word presentation
of what happened.

It is tiresome to hear
being repeated not once
many a time

If it is a happy event
interesting will it be for a while

Nay, it is an illness being explained
in all its details
not nice to hear.


The Silly Goose.

Goose is related to an idiosyncrasy
below the level
of understanding and intelligence
being stupid.
Is it myth or real?

Observing the goose for a while
as she swam on the lake
chattering incessantly
[i]whack triak [/i]
I felt her innocence.

A no curiosity at all
nor a keenness at any juncture
simple sail up and down
prescribed to the range
of finding food for the day
pronounces a simpleton
a strive without any aim:choiceless.

A quiet lifestyle interpreted
in ways by men of six senses.
The prosaic approach and
the lack of enthusiasm
render the Goose uninteresting.

Could be the silly attitude
labels the Goose below
the normal standards
almost in par with idiocy