Honesty Be The Rule.

The revised version,

A man walks with his head high
shows off he is invincible in tries.
He, who lived happily all through
faced an eventuality one day.

He lost his wealth overnight
finds himself alone in the world
a situation he did not expect.

He had shunned relations and friends
they retaliate in turn
a forsaken man he is
saddled with liabilities.

Had he been honest
and shown compassion
he would have been
in a better wicket.

The  original version,

Man is driven by necessity

most times he walks with head high

behaves imperious unnecessarily

a  show off that he is invincible  in tries .

As  always times change for him for bad

he who saw  roses all the days

would undergo  an eventuality that makes him sad

he would be on the run afraid of a chase.

Driven by loss and wants he turns to the reality

had been unmindful  of others all through

an extravagant transaction had brought the fall definitely

been  saddled with liabilities  becomes insolvent  in truth.

Not  being a story or tale nor a history in the run

being a one of recent  that happened a day before

security is mortal’s chiefest enemy  an idiom not of fun

practise honesty as a rule, therefore.


A request  to pick the best.


Indebted to My Friends.

Back and forth I go
old becomes new
the new turns newer
I am at the crossroad
friends take me
through the right path.
indebted to them
as always.