Soga and Sana

Soga is a small timer
Sana is even smaller.
A husband and a wife
one feigns, the other is vain.
They know not etiquette.

A couple of days back
Soga was in the thick of a tussle.

He was at the helm of a function,
the event took an ugly turn
leading to a lot of unpleasantness.

Insensitive to the situation,
Sana paraded up and down
dressed in expensive clothes
wearing bright and gaudy jewels.

Soga entered the fray
talked with much audacity.

His words “I wallow in wealth”
drew much angst.
He was jeered
His connections with local thugs
proved catastrophic.
The gathered grew restless
manhandled him.
A chain of untoward incidents followed.
He suffered ignominy and financial loss.

Ethics go to make a man.
Elegance frames a woman.
Sensibility extends sobriety.