The idlis

The fluffy idlis
made  out of a batter
 of rice and urad dhal
is served for breakfast
 in every South Indian household.
The idlis
 steam  boiled in a vessel
 specially designed
with a plate having a capacity
 of five to seven  or more
 as the case may be.
Idlis have taken various forms
 mini, maxi, and medium
 the sizes vary, so does the variety
on with a slice of a carrot  on it.
 the other with a mix of Rawa
 all being an improvisation
nothing to beat the original.


Istanbul Explosion.

The explosion in Istanbul
killed forty-one
injured hundreds.

It is fearful.
It happens
quite often.

The acts of violence
seem not to end.
They continue.
How long ?
None know.