A Dog’s Day With A difference.

The sight of dogs
causes a panic
I turn nervous
butterflies start flying
in my stomach.

I walked down the lane
a newborn pup
with half closed eyes
came behind me.

I hastened. He followed me.
At one place I slowed down.
He was trapped between my legs.
I jumped in fright. I trampled on him.
He whined.

I took to my heels.
A cyclist knocked me down.
The cars on either side honked
In the milieu, I bruised my leg
There was chaos.

Rubbing my knees, I walked ahead.
My friend’s house was nearby,
thought I could rest for a time.
So made my way to hers.
As I opened the door
a Labrador bounced on me.
I ran. I was palpitating.
The dog chased me
My friend,Tara, came out, called
“Tabby, come back”.
Tabby trotted panting.

Tara asked me to come in
I was in no mood to go back.
I walked homewards.

The Dog’s days are furious,
since they emit unbearable heat
I had an experience
A Dog’s day
with a difference.


Actions busy Experience feelings

No Time To Answer.

Took a walk down the lane early in the morning.
Met my physician wished him good morning.
He said he is too busy to wish me morning.
A little further near the park saw my solicitor.
An active lawyer who holds my money as deposits
Asked him to discharge my deposits.
He said he has no time to talk about it.
Walking briskly towards the town hall
caught sight of my banker tall.
Rushed towards him to ask about his call
He replied in haste that he had called for nothing at all.
Made my way to my home wondering
How everyone are busy wandering?
Opened my gate with a click
my little pup ran to me and gave a sweet lick.
He is too knave to say that for him also the clock ticks,