A Confluence

A confluence of a kind
be it a lively bind
needs a courtesy at the base
that of an understanding in the trace
where there should be participation full
not circumscribed to the distinctive pull
those of the few who have a say
take the reins in an easy play
a sort of dictatorial evidence on the move
an interaction of the anointed with the prove
the rest look like a subordinate sect
a few families repeatedly conduct with a tact
a sort of elimination done subtle
a hurt inflicted on the target focused
yet a clever silence is maintained
a deceive done with an aim preordained,5498_49545_134_council_full



Predictions go wrong
that are found in songs Panjanga_sadas_2012_5
hold not long.

Forecast of weather
vanish like a soft feather
deviations seen rather.

Nothing is confirmed
all analysis are not informed
they are formed .

Defying the norms
rains come in torrential forms
heat induces qualms.

That being so
predictions do not fall in a toe
enforcing a bow.


The Confidence.

The confidence at times turns shaky
the do or die attitude formason and cart3sakes
however much stoicism is shown
there is a certain distraction
that picks up in the stride
prompts the heart to oscillate
the mind gets into the arena
proposes a firmness in temper
yet the heart wins over
which leads to a digression
where trust collapses
and belief runs amuck.