A straight play
be it verbal or action
has a sway great
as nothing goes behind.

Straight is always there
the deviation tempts
it is a distraction attractive
that brings fortune tremendous.

Straight is almost a strain
the short cut fascinates
it is a nearer choice
leads to a the roads to success.

Straight is not close
but stands for permanence
it is hard to overcome
takes to a place of exquisite charm.

Straight we go
the more the delay
the destination seemsstraight far
but the safety is there.

That be the greatness of straight
lengthy it might look
strenuous it might appear
the result would be pleasing and refreshing.


Deep Down

The controversy goes on
days fly and years roll
yet the sticky topic turns adhesive still
denial of the right to one
while they claim the right to another
both out of the same stock
a business not eligible to be discussed
in the quorum at all for matters deliberate
yet discussed with fervour and anger
by the one who stakes the claim
know not for what he wants to be so firm
shows out the pure jealousy one nurtures
that be the attitude of the man in question
a superior feel it might look so
an awkward stance is the reality ever.