It is Unknown

it is one
It must be the other
It is unknown.

It is this .
It is due to that.
It is unknown.

It is because.
It is due to cause.
It is unknown.

It is hence
It is due to trends.
It is unknown.

It is so.
It is due to foe.
It is unknown.

It is possible
It is due to plausible.
It is unknown.

That is prone
That is due to tone.
It is unknown.

The unknown there
That is known here
be it blown.unknown



A woman,
traditionally attired
with a six yard saree around 0b30bbc0-c819-4dbb-b669-fd26763970f7
along with a neatly tied up hair
wearing a high-necked choli
and a bindi on her forehead
walked into a discussion
where there were people
clad in jeans and T-shirts
with flowing hair
faces with touch up
while the eyes looked remarkable
with eyeliner and brows
trimmed and made to look like arc
the feminism seen in two different ways
the one totally traditional
the other entirely modern
while the stylish folk
spoke eloquently
the woman sat glum
listening with rapt attention
which made the others feel
she was ignorant and unlearned
as her turn came by
she rose up with a grace
started her harangue in a stroll
punctuated with anecdotes and inputs
that were informative and focused
the fellow participants were stunned
and gave a standing ovation.
so goes the saying
appearances are deceptive.


Birds, Rain, Water.

The birds are up with vigour
after a gap of half a year
happy to see them make noise
chirp they do with delightful choice
chatter they engage with cheer

The call of the black bird invigorates.
The crow’s caw sends an alert.
while the cock’s cockle doodle do
wakes up the people to the morning glow
with that the world has set its stage.

The birds are messengers in a way
they epitomize the growth straightaway
with the spread of seeds all through
cross the pollination in their flew.
as they fly all around with mirth and joy.

The cause of their arrival all in a sudden
should be a reason to revel with no burden
it is the rains that be the reason
that which poured without any treason
released a wonderful scenario in ebullience.

Water is the life-giver in truebirds sense.
It is a provider of all prosperity in trend.
Without it the world could not pull on
A scarcity would end up in a doom.
Well, that should never be allowed all through.