A Pain They Say

A pain in the heart
a hear attack they say
I feel it is sadness in all ways
a grievance oppressing the heart.

A pain in the head
a migraine they call
I suspect it is melancholy in fall
unbearable to the head.

A pain elsewhere
be it in other parts of the body
might be due to disease in shoddy
to me it is an outcome of grief.

The mind is the culprit.
The heart is the target .
The thought circumscribes through the bet.
Circumvents the whole being in a pit.

Thus goes all the ailment.
Physical it might look outward
the mental causes thepain drain inward
cross and clash do they in a fulfillment.


With a Knowledge.

Having done the most
there was nothing more
he could do further
as he harms the near ones
that be his way
as he hurts others
with scathing remarks
as he spreads stories false
that be his way
has he acquired anything beneficial?
yes,greatly quoth I
as he goes on with his slander
knows not one day it would return
would turn against him with excess force.
He is now in that phase
facing the brunt with full strength .
God forbid! God pardon!
a trespass committed fully well
with a knowledge and a trial
that is the only mistake.hurt


The Day Being Beautiful

A beautiful day it is
started it with a kiss
it is heavenly bliss
to relax and languish
then savour lot of dish
chirp and taste with a hiss

It is a blessed day
spend the time in gay
in a place far away
near to the bay
hands fully drenched in clay
a lively wonderful play.

It is relaxation all over
just an aimless hover
beneath the bower
with a walk enjoying the shower
mild it is without power
an experience of a lover.

As a day it is great
a delightful state
the sun shines till late
a liveliness not of hate
a synergy in a rate
an enjoyment till date.lovly day