Fear in mind
kills creativity of any kind
stealing all find.Buddha-Under-a-Tree


Symptoms and Causes

The symptoms and causes
whether it be for a disease
for weather or economy,
are mostly pseudonyms .

Pain is a symptom
swelling fills the drum
then comes the discharge
and all other charges.

So much to say
the economy is in a sway
with ups and downs
that explores a frown.

So be the weather
with predictions thither
rains would scamper
sun would dampen.

The directions are in general
checked with the annals
they are not exact almost
a play down in the foremost.

That being so in a state
one man’s poison psoriasis-causes-symptoms-treatments-s3-photo-of-psoriasis-on-fingernailsof date
turns into another man’s meat
a lively turn of the heat.

The validity of symptoms and causes
are not a reflection of the choicest
as there is an exception to all in the stay
goes up the peak in a redundant play.