Poetry revolves. rotates

The Earth On Its Own Axis

The Earth  goes on in  round bt2lf0209_afz

could not hear any sound

it rotates  and revolves

day and night evolve

some days are bright

a beautiful sight

others are gloomy

sombre and balmy

the nights in their place

go pitch dark on days

call it the new moon days

becomes dazzling and sizzling

address it as the full moon intoxicating

well that way the earth goes around

distributing wonders in its rounds.

pain Poetry

The Grecian Pain

It is a freeze

a monetary one

the land of greece

down in a tone

pain and grief overcome

there are debt and liabilities

a very drastic outcome

shy over their inabilities

cry with anguish

predicts European downturn

a prelude to a catastrophe

the nation burns

drags greek_debt- those in the demography.