Poetry quiet. silent through

Through And True.

Long time ago  I was always quiet

silent all through

the events   that were enough to bite

literally I mean them true

never did trigger nor agitate

kept me complacent through

I  was  perhaps a senseless person in straight

you might conclude  in true

I lived all through my younger days like a puppet

nodding my head all through

a time came I tore myself with the toughest

jumped into the cesspool true

I fumed and frothed, heaved and sighed

struck with force all through

I look different all with anger in the wilderness

a turned self very true.true

clouds depressed ease Poetry

An Obsession.

Had been so much obsessed

very much into it

always in the thought depressed

could not get away from it

yet had to sustain in a way

passed the days somehow

realized it is not the end  anyway

picked up courage anyhow

drove the clouds from the mind

turned lively once again

the news all is well without any bind

came with a propitious gain

Well. that is a great relief, heaven forbid

that obsessions eased my tensions in  a relaxed bid.