A Rhyming Lyric

Love that holds

beauty that beholds

suspicion that withholds

being these in hold

one goes about bold

has to be told

not to fold

opportunity is gold

whilst it is rolled

grab it before it becomes cold

a practice  of old.kssr-year-5-literature-poem-59-638




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Dashing Through – A Ballad.

Dashing through the snow ,

Gliding through the slippery  flow,

Playing with the fluffy   glow ,

I  do   really know.

Dashing against a hail  storm,

Overthrown by the brainstorm,

Tossed by the  misinform,

I do   simply inform.

Dashing through the flash  flood

Ambushed in the  slushy   mud

Soaked in  bath of blood,

I do  ever bud.

Dashing through the  traffic,

Going by the geographic,

Capturing pictures graphic,

I do no epigraphic.

Dashing through the crowd,

Shouting slogans aloud,

Holding a flag  aboard,

I   never vowed.

Dashing through   indignation,

Throwing tantrums  in designation.

Heaving  in desperation,

I  give  no explanations.

Dashing through merriment,

Enjoying  the royal treatment,

Lapped in a comfortable predicament.

I   solicit a refreshment..

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Another Day

Day in and day out,

Things come to a float,

Nothing so particular ,

Noticing none familiar,

Doing nothing specific,

Making none  terrific,

Keeping  nothing immaculate,

Inducing  none   to percolate,

Steering  nothing important

Driving none  significant,

Waking up to the routine,

Living slowly in between,

Thinking of the future,

Brooding over the  closure,

Eating  a bland food

Drinking an iced  brood

Loitering out aimless,

Carousing over meaningless,

Yet it is a similar day.

Though we call it another day

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Mobile Phone -Expand

The world is  at your demand.

The details you notice are scanned

The communion you arrive is spanned

The interaction you create is fanned

The news you share   is  firsthand

The messaging  you do is planned,

The benefit you derive is  grand,

All these you perform by hand,

In  your smart mobile phone brand.