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The Involvement

Reference do they do
read them in blue
dig deep to get a clue
then away they flew.

Inference they got
after a long thought
they quickly bought
the schedule in a sort.

What did they do?
there is nothing to rue
as the vital is due
though it would be only few.

They invariably resolved
to go straight to solve
the matters involved
in a pragmatic way devolved.references

The Days and Distractions


The weeks keep going with days folding

the hours cling to each other in the sailing

the events crowding in a jumbled row

all gets forgotten in the feverish flow.

The episodes of the day require attention

with the chaos creating a commotion

there seems to be a deviation from the straight

much against the proposed installations of the right

Getting deep into the interventions

where there are unwanted associations

requires a handling with great focus

otherwise they would get you stranded in the nexus.

A withdrawal be the best on the spree

letting you to rest in peace and be free

an involvement would be a cyclic indulgence

calling for a periodical appraisal and appearance.

If all intend not to participate

the world would be a place of dissent

where the malicious would move ahead

leaving the righteous to trail behind.

A Song On Attitudes

Cohesive thoughts are interesting.

Ideas that bring out a change are fascinating.

Inventions that assure a turn are  appealing.

Strategies that usher a progress are demanding.

Improvements that lift up the society  are delighting.

 An involvement that renders an  arising is  appeasing.

 An insight that predicts a jump is  alluring.

 An initiative that brings a development is assuring.

To focus on the goals of life is a targeting.

To aim  high is a symptomatic entrusting.

To aspire  for the best is gratifying.

Anyhow singing this  song is most enlivening.








A pleasant feeling  I experienced

When I went round the fence,

Inhaling a fine  aroma

Which comes out of the  rose

Registering an exuberance.



A lovely  experience I felt,

When I moved round the belt,

Imbibing a  desirous  note,

Which came out of the  gathering,

Recording a staunch forte.


A picturesque scenery I  sighted

When I climbed a hill   exalted

Invigorating a  grand sublimity

Which emanated from the  depiction,

Reminding of a dainty depiction.


Passion in all things we  see and do,

Leaves a memo  all true,

synchronizing a cordiality,

Which retains  a unique modality.