Addiction Strenuous.

The eccentricity I possess

 goes with me in writing too .

I write with a passion and force

 I am unaware of its source 

 It is a drive unknown to me also

 as I go on writing from morn to night in gusto 

 posting on my little canvas in the course 

 while my readers  wonder ,of course 

 why I keep on posting in rows 

 might be feeling and smiling  as they browse 

thinking of me as an eccentric  at their doors 

 or as one similar to   a drunkard in a doze

 who drinks with a fervour at no regular chose 

 unable to stop at any time  but be it continuous 

 Well! this is another addiction  being  images (95)little strenuous 


 that possesses me for long 

 know not be it good or bad.



I Do Write Anything

It is easy to write anything

that comes in your mind

there should be something

directing to a find.


Writing anything under the sun

is but the practice of me

let it be heavy or fun

I fill the pages in a spree.



Might be taxing to some

the anything and everything

on the whole it is awesome

as it revolves round something.


The thought just pops out

then drops out in the posts

writinggushing up with a spurt out

holding the attention of most.


This is what I think

when Iwrite with an impetus

sometimes I do blink

as  it appears  an empty fetus


The concept which I frame

formulate the words I write

my poems be not of fame

but they portray the right.


I write anything that comes to my mind.

Nothing could stop me from penning

I go in search of no greater finds .

I tend always to go about honing.












Attention Crisis

When you pay much attention

there would be no improvement

when you least show interest

there comes a new impetus

that notturn-from-god be in the field of writing alone

found in areas of business too

so much more in relations far more

as they start turning to you

once you turn away from them.


The Writing Tenement.

Writing-550x371I write for what I do not know.
I write what I do not know.
I write why I do not know
that being the status you know
I go on with my writing
penning pages after pages
pouring my feelings unbridled
coming out of spontaneity in the run
going with an acceleration in the go
never do I stop once for a breath
nor do I break once with my stress
but go on with my writing schedule
almost all time  morn or night whatever it be
there be no  crisis  or hindrance.
This  way goes my life all through
with fun and happiness through and through.



On The Go To Places.

With my writing I go to places

receive views from different places

I writingknow very little of  these places

happy to note my words go to these places

where they  find a place among places

the appreciation comes from all places

with likes and comments keeping  me in a place

provoking me to salute my viewers from my place

where I sit put for long and long in the same place

thinking though out-of-place

but tied up steadfast to my birthplace,


The Writing You Do.

Mastering a language is a skill

Be it your own tongue or different.

Talking great out of will

gives a feel coherent

with the normalcy still

and with eloquence relevant


Writing needs extra ordinary  power

where the grammar and usage come to force

where words lack the force of a shower

if not properly put across  in a choose

as such writing carries forward a value not lower

but apparently very much high  in a rouse.


Not any one can write with ease

as it demands a deep study all the while

a slight mistake would bring a tease

with care one should develop a style

where writing pays off with huge fees

though not mostly in cash but freely in praise.writing












Lot of Everything.

Lot of reading goes on
lot of appreciation gets on
as lot of gratitude grows on
while lot of making it known takes on
lot of keeping it where it is on
makes a lot of writing not known
losing lot of readership on and on
yet everythinglot of value still remains on.


Reaching Out

Penning for money is blasphemous.
Never do that.
Writing for praise is horrendous.
Never do that.
Versifying for reputation is frivolous.
Never do that.
Writing is spontaneous.
It is inherent
Sprouting out in a bout
embracing with love.
The joy of creation
knows no bounds
leaping up high
crossing the borders
flying over the skies
across the oceans
reaching the hearts
of many a reader
that is its true reward.



Glory To You

What I see
I write
What I feel
i write
What I think
i write
What i imagine
I write
Writing takes me
to lands unknown
to friends unseen
to readers visible
not through the eyes
but by the write
Glory to you
my key board
for boarding me
to places far and near.



Writing is passion
making me go beyond reason
is it treason? writing