Daily Archives: February 22, 2011

An Ode To Scandals

Not a day dawns without a scam,

Not a night sets in without a scandal,

Day in and day out there are hundreds ,

Oh! No!  well over thousands ,

Which talk of a rigging and digging,

Which speak of a  manipulation and a negotiation,

Which harangue  about  hoarding and amassing,

 Accumulating  undue wealth and distinctive property,

Becoming rich all in a wink of  a moment.



Corruption creeps and blinks   from every corner,

Turning east there lies the housing discrepancy,

Towards west there  emerges an insider trading leak,

Looking north a strong blow of bank anomalies strike,

Down south  a serpentine smash of Ponzi schemes wriggle.

All focus on successive trials of consolidation,

Linking up to an adventure of yearning ,

Leading to an unethical aspiration,

Of adding up illegal and illegitimate money,

To keep the coffers in an enormous  bulge and unwarranted glory