Daily Archives: February 12, 2011

Out You Go!

A strange phenomenon has set in,

With a dashing impudence,

Creating a  fiery diaspora,

With bloodshed and death,

Enacting a rebellious revolt,

Permeating  a perspiration of exhaustion,

Caused by the overworked mind,

Lashing out a  protest ,

Of displeasure and disenchantment,

More so of indignation and  humiliation,

Finally the catastrophe  overwhelms,

Pickering a diagnosed destruction,

By framing a fallible resolution,

That of  discord and discontent,

Ending up in a foreclosure of autocracy,

Initiating a disclosure  of democracy,

Though seemingly weak,

But intrinsically stoic,

May be at default occasionally,

But mostly reliable  and worthy,

Hail to thee power of people!

Out  you go wicked  autocracy!!