Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

A vendor In A Bicycle.

Long long ago , so long ago,

When the people were with no ego,

There was a  small  self made man

Who sold beautiful art pieces in  a can,

 Cries out  by soliciting each and every household,

His voice made every one behold,

The glittering crafty skill,

Of  the artisans  frill,

A one to one admiration arose,

While the  buyers browse,

The vendor comments on the  pieces,

Quotes  easily  the prices,

In his familiar friendly  tone

Inducing the buyer to a  bargain shown,

Expressing an easy mode of payment,

 By extending a fair discount,

Summing up the transaction in a benign note,

Bidding adieu  to the  customers  with  a smiling dote,

Pushes  his  rattling cycle along the lane

Ringing his bell  in a rejoicing  plane.

They knew not the moderen trade,

Of malls and markets  grade,

Remained contented with grace,

Which kept all othere efface