The Spiteful Entities

The world has become so small.  The mind of man has also shrunk to a nominal  clature. This syndrome is fortunately unfortunate.

 The modes of travel, the methodsof  of communication, the  symptoms of outsourcing, the opportunities  of business, and the endeavours of education have grown abnormally predicting a close network capable of proximity and progress.. But all these prerogatives, have explicitly unravelled  the narrow perception of man.

The growth external has not shown an inner strength,  has halted an internal spectrum of promotion  and has curtailed the affable outlook.

The basic quality of feigning malice has taken firm roots.It is an extraneous task to kill this instinct.

There are a handful of people ,who show extreme compassion , who  act with sincere ideals, who shun ostentation, who help others, who  talk gently, who help liberally and who do not expect any reciprocals. These few ,are termed as fools  by the majority, called as ignorant imbeciles by the faddish, and innocent souls by the milder retinue.

The most celebrated  refuse to accept  the prosperity of others. They wish to remain the masters,and dictate terms to the modest . The most influential abhor to deal with  the pragmatic and harm the humble if they come out successful. The most powerful discard the fellow humans as non entities and cause destruction by annihilating their competitors.

The mind spites every deed of the fellow human , as though he is an arch rival. A simple promotion  evokes  ill feeling. A trivial matter , like a hike in pay emulates envy. A purchase of a car or a jewellery or a property  for that matter,ignites the mind. A marriage alliance is enough to set fire. A peaceful existence is sufficient to provoke antagonism. An ordinary settlement kindles the spirit . The gossip , the introspection , the back talk and the frenzy  make the scenario unpleasant and unfit to coexist.

As the world moves, man has to keep pace with it .If he falters ,the orbit will shove him down disgracefully .

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