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That Is Me

Evaluation of self

A piquant situation, I am in. I have been a staunch  follower of righteousness . I have thrown away infidelity that came across my way . Never bothered to turn around and look at them. In the milieu , I have lost tonnes of money but  earned a reputation as a tough person. It is a loss in both ways, financially and personally.

Tough , yes ,I am . True , yes, I am. Transparent ,yes ,I am. These three, tough , true and transparent go well with me. I shun display .I hate exaggeration. I abhor lies. I  play a second fiddle to none. I adhere to positive advances and admit my faults.

I was coaxed by , a friend that if I agree to certain unimaginable modifications in my  family business ,I stand to gain. I was pushed out of gear. I struck stiff . My friend called me an impractical person.

I was forced to give a voluminous loud applaud to one of my siblings,. I was flabbergasted. He is the root cause of all misfortune and why on hell, I should subscribe to his viles. Indirectly the bait was laid.They thought , I would succumb to their trap,but once again my fortitude took the toll.

This unfaltering  attitude of mine has been misconstrued by many as exalted ego , unassailable impudence, and absolute brash. Well . That is me.,

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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