Peace Mom

A sharp-witted woman, my mom

happens to meet her friend, a local Raja’s
daughter, later her son becomes
 a minister in the Federal government,

 Mischievously she calls her 
“Raja’s daughter then,
 now Mantri’s mother, Don’t
 you  feel demoted”.

My mom could not help laughing.
jokes that the groom, my dad  
resembles a clown insinuating
my dad’s mom and his sisters.

Incidentally, dad is a handsome guy
 for his bridal dress was a bit oversized.

Living within my scope, I spend
on  the essentials. I seek nothing more.

Mom must have been infuriated,bids me
to stretch my hands. Puzzled,I stretch them

 Her wit overlaps.” Your hands appear short”.

Little did I realize at the moment
it is a pointer thriftiness. “Mom.
my hands are becoming shorter

and shorter as days roll on,”

 Peace, mom!