The dolls from the attic
come down in order,
the young ones jump all over,
the adults descend in style
while the older stagger.

They look colourful
red, yellow, green and blue,
Krishna shimmers in blue
while Lakshmi graces in green
Meenakshi flanks both in red.

The garden set with huge trees
and flowers add to the glow
while the soldiers clad
in uniform stand erect.

The shopkeepers with big tummies
head shining bald, sell with a flair
people throng with baskets in hand
the queue lines up in length.

A representation to animals
ranks in prominence
cows graze over the meadow
horses enact a parade

elephants walk royal.
The nine steps, symbolic of Navaratri
stand tall with dolls arranged
evolving a pictorial extravaganza,