Man In The Go

The sun and its radiance
being infectious, catches
the mood, It is happiness
that clings so firm. The
moment creates a flutter.

Enthusiasm is writ large
on the face, eyes unfold
like a bud and enlarge wide,
the lips broaden with grin
smothered by joy as fresh
as morning dew.

Tempestuous it turns
an expression of urgency
grief descends unwarranted.
eyes well with tears, mouth
twists and trembles,
sorrow overpowers.

Seemingly a semblance
of nature where sun and rain
out beat one another,
an hour long storm
and a momentous lull,
extremities attain dominance.

Nature and man are one
the primary controls the secondary,
in spite of man posting
a disguise and proposing a distance
the basic surfaces now and then
to substantiate the evidence.
with an emphasis