The fun of it all
being not in the real
lies in the perception.
of the different ones,
how to make the easiest
difficult, attaching an insignia,

The other day it goes
says the primary entity
with a feel of sensitivity
along with a guffaw, making
known his lack of knowledge

Follows the next, all too sullen
with a preparation to the fullest,
Expressing a frown
at the other’s light heartedness
puts forth seriously,

the third one is
still more thorough
hands over a schedule
presenting himself as an analyst
with figures and facts,

the last one sums up
well, this issue of conducting
a convention requires
attention and distraction, he
donning the moderator role perfectly,

Watching them plan, discuss
and finalize, I detect
a much ado about a simple
meeting, claimed as a convention,
That is how events take place.