My Neighbour

Spreading the arms 
above and beyond
the trees of my neighbour 
stand  majestic in the circumspect.

Peeking through the balcony 
they twist and squeeze in 
 the rustling of the leaves 
the knocking   of the branches

against the window sill 
echo through  day
 while the morn passes with noise 
from sources external

 the night keeps vigil alone 
  the  rude smothering cause 
 a panic, the heart races  
apprehension mounts

The unsolicited guest 
 stays put almost insensitive 
of movement, creating  
an indefatigable  palpitation.

Dogged  and  impertinent
 they seem to be making a mess 
of the entire balcony, the shed
leaves and twigs lie strewn,

 the wall look pale being 
constantly dashed against.
 My neighbour stays unperturbed 
 poor me!  I am victimized.