My Habit.

A habit of me might sound quixotic

with that I start my topic

might be it would look drastic

that of stop talking to people mostlyMotivationHabit

when they cross wantonly.


This quality is innate and inborn

right from the days of  childhood dawn

all through my youth and middle age

gently travelling with me in a range

making me  unpopular  in an arrange.


I refrain not only from talking to them

but restrict from  talking about them

that being my practice  all through

with that I go about  with a clue

minding my business without any hue.


Tell me now how do you feel about my topic

Is it as others feel quixotic?

or  does it appear drastic?

To me it looks great and fantastic.

To you, I sense it is comic.










The Yards Do Create

Hanging up the clothes in the backyard

she heard the gossip that went round the court-yard

one talking about the other who was absent

building up stories of her without any sense

unable to hear further more as all were lies

she went to the front in a fly

while the court-yard resonated with meaningless talks

she decided all of a sudden to go for a walk

away in the fields wherein the drying yard  that lay ahead

she saw birds  flocking and birds  gatheringputting their heads

curious to know what it was fearing not to chase

she noiselessly went to the  place

well there she saw a bird lying in a pool of blood

while the other birds were fondling her with the head

Struck  by the situation at home and here

she walked past feeling ashamed to be there..





Court Orders Hold No Merit.

The dallying continues for long

The decision gets postponed endlessly.

Rather it being not a decision in the wrong

it being a resolution emanating from the court originally

briefly referred to as court order  in short.


The plaintiffs filing the case

with the defendant fighting it out

while they do not see face  to face

except in the portals of the court

the order pronounced is still hanging.



Not knowing what to do  further

the plaintiffs  blink at each other

while the defendant keeps his fingers crossed

the lawyers add up to their coffers once again in gross

the expense mounting piling up one above the other.


The court stands dumb  and mute

The Judge relaxes in his chamber

while the lawyers act cute

the vying parties  go on with a  murmur

as usual the defendant is in the lurch.



Having experienced  this postponement for long

I sit amused  and keep winking

laughing at the plaintiffs ignorance

and their motto of filing the case

pitying the defendant greatly.court order












The Tornado

The morning dew glimmering in the grass

with the cloud turning dark in gross

the forecast goes for heavy rain

the stage being all set for a tornado and pain

the people all getting back home in haste

with the schools closing for the day by noon  at half past

the much awaited predicament came down horribly

with such a force and violence very terrible

blowing off the roof of a cinema house in a wink

disturbing the prestigious Westfield mall to a shrink

the  suburban railway station coming to a halt suddenly

with eight being injured in a mishap  deadly

and a woman became numb in the library

unable to speak and move in the quandary

all through the windy storm with a shock rude

helicopters made much noise  in the  air

as they rounded on the skies with  care

ready for any emergency operations necessary

with the ambulances plying up and down incessantly

the northern Sydney  suburb  Hornsby

had a dreadful afternoon altogether  Hornsby