The Role Of Destiny

As I lay retrospective for long 

the memory of my ancestor rushed along

she being  an innocent lady beautiful

very pleasant mannered  and  wonderful

being tossed by destiny hapless

coming  in the form of her daughter in law

who gave her no respect whatsoever

who taunted and teased her old woman

threw her out of the house with contempt

while the lady being dignified   preempted

living  a simple life in  an ancient house

a way away from her family house

cooking all by herself  till her death

doing  her chores all by herself without any assistance

fearing to sleep in the night alone  without attendance

she came to the house  where her family lived

with her dinner in hand  all well  settled

slept peacefully in her own bedding

at the stroke of five in the  morning

she walked back to her place of living

as years kept on running

she became bedridden and sick

being forced to stay in her family house  without any pick

she lay unconscious for a few days  never so in her long life

passed away calmly as she had lived  breathing  out

the daughter in law who shooed her off

got ill a few years after and was treated  with a fuss

but had to die in a place outside  her house

That be the greatness of destiny all said and done

whatever one wishes never works out even in fun




The Virtuoso Of A Poet.

A poet needs to be an observer

never a participant  he be

taking the role of a spectator

lends him  material to quote

plenty and intrinsic be his content

assuming the role of a go between

makes him lose his identity

choosing to be a mediocre

having shallow and superficial ideas to talk.

This being the simple principle that lies ahead

the poet ought to be in a position secluded

Well, that has been the status of every poet

be he grand and celebrated

or he be modest and not poetrywell-known.

Poetry claims fame and posterity

being a symbol of great value

with  greater minds to read through

and greatest intellects to revel on it.