The Crackers Explode.

The bursting of crackers all day 

 seem to be a noisy affair in a way

deafening the ears all through

frightening the babies greatly in a rue

disturbing the elderly to a fright

creating an unpleasantness straight

with fumes and smoke rising up high

polluting the  environment  to a die

what do they actually do?

just a blare and a blast

sometimes with sparkles to last

other times a rise and fall

with a  drastic haul

pulling the sky down beneath

raising the earth  up in a sheath

with incidents of fatal injury

burns  to a great degree

Well ! there be an atom of thrill

keeping us in a happy fill

but nothing beyond that

a wasteful expenditure  in short.11926503-diwali-crackers










The Logirtham

The mind is blowing
up and down
breaking the typical flowing
where the eyes frown

The heart is oscillating
to and fro
relatively very disturbing
while the head bows.

The body is aching
left and right
absolutely very nagging
as the legs remain straight.

The whole system is undergoing
a change and feel
exactly  an antithesis in the moving
eliminating the steal


Fund Raising

Raising funds for a cause

seems to be an easy task

it raises numerous doubts

being deliberated for honesty

being thought over for sincerity

as many recently go  by a proposition

where faith and trust  deviate

where greed and fake unite

putting to test the patronage

complicating the ideals to a demurrage

as many funds have gone out of context

spent not for the purpose in text

a shadowy event plays at the back

throwing the intention on the raising







Early In The Morning

Being early in the morning

got up with a yawning

listening to the birds cackling

hearing the hooting

quickly rising

rushed to the opening

as someone stood calling

very early in the morning.



Who is it ? said I

paying a significant  apply

steadying myself in a shy yawning

looking through the door’s eyes

saw a big fat guy

appearing tall and high

breathing heavily with a sigh

as if he is going to die.


The Toddler.


Wanting to see  better
went up the ladder
saw a toddler
wheeled in a stroller
who was  looking all around with joy
playing with the toy
smiling along in coy
he being a boy.

The passers-by look at him
he being called kim
appearing very trim
apparently very slim
it being a light dim
the ambience was grim
yet his cheer was to the brim
making us look twice at him.