Madurai —Deficit Rainfall.

Rain falling all around the place

but not on the very specified spot

made one  wonder and gaze

as that area was  unusually hot

being out of focus in a phase

falling well behind in a shot

with the rainfall in a maze

and the area getting deficit rain in short

that being no other than my place

which is called  Madurai the city of ancient lot.madurai-temple





Man In haste.

Jumping into conclusions without hearing
advice being rendered without calling
anger rising without anything  in the offing
going about in this framework without changing
has been his way all in the course  of living


Help In A Song.

Help sometimes turns a fault

doing it as a service is a default

getting paid for help is wrong

as you can find it in this  song

singing about  help without expectation

be the best source of satisfaction

as helping for a cause on the whole

sends an immense pleasure in the fold

the thought of money should never be

nor does the reciprocal  come with a fee

as and when it is done forget it

never carry the thought in mind in a bit

go on your way as if nothing has been done

get the  help rendered help out of your mind  in turn

that be the cardinal you follow

never having anything in the allow.











Views being zero.

Visitors being zero.

The blog looks zero

Well, zero is a beginning

It is also an end

with its value infinite

as  without zero being there

nothing would sound