The Monkey’s Prank

With our mind oscillating

 and heart always palpitating

 with thoughts always changing

 and ideas always altering

 aith our attention not focusing

 and determination tottering 

we mock at the monkey jumping

from tree to tree greatly doing

it is monkey’s tricks  going by a saying

in association with inconsistency said with a jeering.spider-monkey-jumping-style


A Grand Old Lady.

15024-old-woman-with-a-sore-back-using-a-cane-clipart-by-djartA lady I know
fat and plump she grew
dark and ordinary she looked
but she was hooked
unknowingly in  a young age
by a man not a sage
but who was filled with vices
being faithful in her otherwise in ties
she lived a life with him
bearing his children not dim
all the seven were brought up
she having inherited  wealth topped up
by revenue from her father’s estate
lived a regal life with her husband
who was a tom boyish but grand
a play boy but had status
earned not a single cent
but extended a kindly bent
remaining hospitable all through life
she supporting him in all his strife
while he was down and fallen sick
she nursed him with the loveliest care quick
having lost him now at  the ripe years
she is mostly confined to the chair  with tears
counting her days to get away
having gone through the full circle in a sway.


No Time To Stand And Stare

With the buoyancy I go about

minding my work nothing more

at times there comes a depression

that paralyses me for a time

with the mind oscillating fast

and the heart palpitating vigorously

a setback hard to overcome

compelled  to cross no way

I go about once again  with a swiftness

that be the part of me from days young

I know  this bitterness  is not peculiar to me

it is a regular appointment

every one has to  undergo

making one feel and fret

what is this lifestand and stare full of sound and fury

with no time to stand and stare.


The Day Out

Day in and day out
go the years out
with the decided fall out
where men go out
searching for a living out and out
while children venture out
wanting to learn in and out
where the  sun comes  out
filling the world with light throughout
and naturally it goes out
plunging  the world in darkness out and out
the rain failing in a time out
causing a famine and drought
with the wind blowing fiercely in a rage out
destroying the environment in a fall out
the fire with a fury breaks out
ranging across causing a rout
with that the day comes to an ending all stout

where nothing lies firm and decided in a knock out.article-2389280-1B3BAC54000005DC-425_634x460