Nice Things.

Nice to read.
Nice to write
Nice to watch.
Nice to gaze.
Nice to think.
Nice to dream.
better than everything.
it is nice to sleep.
nice sleep


The Pleasure Great.

Singing is a pleasure

it is being a treasure

with the voice golden

and the expression  not frozen

with melody ringing

along with constant humming

with words so clear and musical

accompanied by background orchestra typical

the exaltation it  tenders is exuberant

with the  liveliness extremely (33)







A Breakthrough

The society calls  come in great numbers

making one to wake up from the deep slumber

with a quick shower and a dress up go rushing

making an entry and an exit with a quickening

this being the procedure of life  all thorough

directing an incessant  disturbance without a clue Bird+speakerPhone

with the routine getting affected all along

causing an upset  when the age  advances in long.