The Heaven

It is going to be heaven
said all the seven
calling it in a note even.
Well, that being  clearly seen
they were all in the teens
enjoying thoroughly in keen .
The mirth crossed all stream
with the lot eating the cream
while talking about their dream.
The evening went on happily
with the friends  talking gleefully
about their experience  in a tone lively .
They had to disperse soon
as there could be seen the moon
promising to meet each other at noon.
The seven had a memorable time
as they are download (34)meeting after a long time
talking with no thought of time.
The meeting of friends  has become the trend
which is made possible with a send
while mails go through without a bend
taking all to the blissful heaven


Rain And Shine

With the rain and shine

 coming  as though in nine

 rowed up in  a straight line

 looking very closely  fine

 he called me to  grand dine

 gave me a glass of delicious  wine

tole me it was  mine

asked me not to  cry and pine

ended zine.up greatly in a zine




The Extravaganza

With the tides rising up 

and the wind blowing fiercely

the rains lash violently

with the thunder blaring out

and the newborn lamb with mother editlightening becoming so high

the land looked feeble

trembling like a sheep

unable to face the sudden outburst.


Spam And Virus

SpamSleuthSpam and virus do attack

setting the system on fire

with the spyware to ransack

the system is retrieved entire

Having to cope with these virus

we have to adopt methods

which have to be  friendly and serious

enabling a  go with the records

maintaining thus a balance

giving a protection and security

that bring the work to a relevance

placing them in places of safety

such be the schedules and programmes

granting a  possibility of  lively transactions.


Passionate Dedication.

Having a passion 

which commands dedication

that goes with concentration

involving fully into designation

the love and feel overwhelms

passiongoing beyond the realms

that overcomes the  dreams

bordering around the cream

the intention breaks in directly

with an impulse  percolating  rightly

the interest jumps over radically

conjoining the passion with  a desire

coordinating both with love entire

the result being one of a possibility

that holds the attention of everyone intensely.












Orangutans No More.

Having been away for quite long

the land before my home had changed

with its trees all being uprooted

the greenery totally disappearing

now looking  bare and rugged  all around

the monkey family which lived on the trees

a lively interaction they had all through

with the mama monkey carrying the little one

while the other two older ones hopping up and down

as the head  of the family was busy hunting food

there was a grand merry go around all through

now the family has migrated somewhere

leaving me alone gazing at the empty ground

where there is going to be a thoroughfare

as lorries  would be parked with drivers loitering about

some smoking cigar and others spitting out

a different environment I am supposed to face

the days being not very far from now

as the work is going on with great speed

creating and growing takes time

destroying and removing  is through no time

that being a universal  factor   all the way through

the extinction of orangutans is underway

making the rain forest area almost nothing

but a place of buildings and yards

turning more commercial and causing a disaster

with that the eco-friendly nation has become orangutansunfriendly

carving a  corner where everything transforms into money.