All Through Six decades And More.

A man  with all  the most defaults

be it a range of physical flaws

be it a  package of mental fault

he having both  beyond law

nothing could bring him together

his talk falling short  of standard norms

his moves incoherent altogether

his thoughts having no forms

the looks ,of course being not his fault

but the attitude  has no binding to  any clause

thinking too big is the irony to dot

having so many negatives in the cross

knowing nothing and behaving funny

gets through the  community narrow and small

once walking  out of it feels  dazed in the sunny

creating an  unremarkable and abject sixty five year old man downfall.

Well, that be his way of life all through six decades

exposing his shortcomings at all times with an onslaught

that be his style and presentation in all facades

he being a miscreant and a misnomer in the slot.




Business Is Business

Leads and business online  are going very high
with projects and networks all  calling for atie
nas money gets into the fly
then every other thing becomes a sly
art, writing and crafting are beauty
they should not make you greedy
do whatever you want with a love
manipulations need not get in the follow
make a decent  profit in the process
with a concern of not making loses
the time you spend in scouting the skill
the risk you undertake in arranging it till
getting delivered and satisfying the buyer to the fullest
have to be considered with delineation profit at the greatest
well that is how business goes with a deal
transactions get done in a loving feel
the money you charge is not for anything
but the risk you undergo in getting the thing
business should turn out a business
if turns into a charity it would not flourish
with that in mind get going making a livelihood
also inducting a service by helping  for go


A Syndrome


A syndrome peculiar has set in
which calls for a check in
seemingly little away from the normal
but very much informal
as it is a revelation to me now
but it is a course not abnormal  anyhow
that of a withdrawal from the children
as their life now centers around a den
comprising of their family a nucleus around
that has been composed in the   round
catching their attention mostly
having no time to think about elders greatly
a flow of life that every human undergoes
now or later with a compelling heed  in the course.