Breaking The Ego

It was a few days ago
he was with great ego
going about in a go
as he had no foe
he did not have to bow
as he disliked show
he never bent low
never intended to give a blow
wished to get in the flow
with a perfect glow
he moved slow
and did not know
how to  speedily go
as the target was in a row
hard to hit with a bow
so shot it with an arrow
breaking it into two.


Mixed Response.

Some like it hot 
 Some like it cold 
 Some appreciate the poem 
Some depreciate the song. 
So goes the way 
 all throughout the day 
 with criticisms heavy 
 mostly unhealthy in a levy 
at  times an applause rarely 
that would bring cheer barely  
 unconcerned be your  process 
 not bothered by the causes 
people differ in their attitude 
accept everything with gratitude 
go about your way criticism with pride 
 as that would lend   a pleasant ride. 


The Lowland

The land being low
had a steady flow
where water loggeLowland
while  men clogged
water stagnating  in the pool
men crowding like fools
becoming the  breeding place of mosquitoes
where diseases spread in rows
turning the lowland  unfit and  filthy
making it a place totally  unhealthy.


Bad Shape.

Heading towards the  structure

standing massive and   great

looking like a ruinous rupture

with stones falling at a rate

causing a damage  and fracture

as the building has building in ruinstarted to oscillate

losing its shine and texture

making the dwellers nearby to a  fluctuate

letting out a dilemma and a torture

as how to continue living there in a rate

that would prove extremely dangerous

getting ahead to warn them straight.




The House In Shine.

The house needs a cleaning every day

with a tidying  and dusting

where the furnitures look battered in a day

with the layers of dust white and black sitting

overlapping their exquisite finish

while cobwebs flying  around

get stuck to the corners of the garnish

the hanging garden of Babylon being found

dustbins overflowing with waste

dish washers  full with dishes

laundry gets growing  as days go by in haste

garden  turns haggard and weird with fissures

requiring a trimming and watering cleaningperiodically

with the mowing of lawn underway

going by the growth as it may

sweeping of the entire  pathway

demanding great time and energy

that wanes of with years and age

as the occupant  loses her synergy

so does the house rocked in a range

dwindles in its value and significance  greatly.