My Angry Grandchild

Angry she is  very angry  all through.

knowing not what to do

knowing  not why she was so

sat worried all through the day


At dusk went to her slowly

still wild with burning rage

she  turned away hastily

not wanting to see  me at any stage.


Walked slowly back with eyes down

knowing  not how to appease her

thought of what wrong I had done

breaking my head as ow to satisfy her.


Looking at me with a raised head

she said in a voice soft and firm

you have gifted a book to my brother instead

not thinking of me in any term.


Unable to explain my act to the little girl fair

as she is a just a four-year old  child

placed her in my lap talked to her with care

saying that her book is on the way my grandangry childchild.












Know Not.

It was a tapping

know not from where

It was a rapping

know not from where

it was a slapping

know not who did it.

It was a strapping

know not how they did it.

it was a beating

know not how severe it was.

It was a thrashing

know not to what degree.

It was defeating

know not how much it would be.

It was a struggle

known to all fully  well.


know not.


Thought Of Children

The thought of children 

bring to mind their innocence

the love they show  in expression

taking  us to a  delightful relevance

when we turn  young  and youthful

going  back to the days of childhood

where everything was wonderful

reminding us of the days  that could

spice and spruce the remaining days

adding charm and thrill to a degree

refreshing  the mind in  a large way

diffusing the cobwebs in a spree

exalting the spirit  with a sustained stay.thoughts-of-children-02-1226813381500927-8-thumbnail-4








Good Tidings.

The lovely voices from far away 

calling at the same time in all gay

one from the northern hemisphere

another from the southern sphere

crying in joy and wishing great tidings

their voice being ebullient and enthusiastic

what a throw it had  with vibrant feelings

hearing them talk I became ecstatic

How well does the children’s talk  rejuvenate?

The day would pass with the same reverberation

that is how I pass my days with  an  injected celebration tidings