Acting Like A King.

Acting like a King

does not mean he is a king

keeping that in mind

the actor should  not find

a relapse and a relax on stage

but once  out of the stage

should become a real person

no matter what be the reason

failing to understand that

he is sure to  throw his hat

and has to cut a sorry figure

if not it would trigger

serious consequences  on the move

very much against any prove. acting like a king









The Imbalance

imbalance.The rains lash one part
flooding the whole area
while there prevails  in another  a drought
devastating the entire arena
The extremes do make me wonder
why this imbalance is on the way
forcing me to sit and ponder.
The same way goes the temper of man
while he being so kind and graceful
becomes callous and violent as much as he can
Why do such eccentricity  happen ?
make me once again to think aloud
these  variances make life wonderful
well this is what I come to understand
as I think and deliberate out-of-band .



The Grand Master – Nature.

The drawings of nature

broad and great in stature

gipaintingve a colourful feature

that much for the rapture

considering the drawings otherwise

that of extracting her  in size

mostly of her goodness likewise

that of her bounties  and freebies

even after providing so much

she has not lost her glamour as such

she still keeps in  constant touch

with the humanity that has looted her in bunch

that be her unique benevolence

granting her a grand relevance.