All In A Pack.

It was a few years back
we were going in a pack
up on a mountain which was black
there seemed to be cracks
as fissures were seen in the rack
that made efforts difficult to track
we strolled over there in a slack
munching the hot snack
staying there for an hour with a hack
hoping to get through the  stack
but could not pushmountain through with knack
so got down the hill intact
abandoning the try with exact. 


The Service I Render,

With a curious mind 

and a regular writing

I do things  with reckoning

that call for attention

seeing some hazard not permissible

where the environment

faces danger and destruction

I am up in arms not literally

taking my pen with a speed

as the pen being my weapon

my face not being known

I go about in this world

reforming a little in a way

a fair share of my participation

coming out of the eventuality

soon come the vigilance

setting right the damage

being my writing contribution to society

from which I have gained much

a small rectification to the city

which has given me place to live

so far and so forth all through

I do a little by way of service

though not much to the world

which remains the pivotal point

which stands with open arms

embracing the good and bad



Talking over The Week end

Talking to my children over the week ends

has been my routine for years together

I talk to them without an end

not knowing what way to end altogether

but keeping awake all of us  for hours

as one lives in the  north in a time zone

whilst the other in the south with another time ever

with the variations of morning and evening  alone

the last one  living in the middle almost same time as mine

as both of us live around the tropics  in tone

we go on talking apart from the time with shine

away from the time, beyond the time in glue

with a giggle and a chuckle all through

with tears and a weep while coming to a close

brushing aside the tears that trickle down true

hanging up with the anticipation of resuming in the next week-end

our life has been going about with talking and seeing over the net

very much assuaging and comforting to a great extent  in time zone.a trend

though not as reckoning of the physical touch and proximity

that had been denied to us by living miles apart  in frequency.


A Starry Night.

It being a starry night

with the darkness covered tight

the flickering of the moon

and twinkling of the stars soon

showed up as a lovely sight

with the illuminated night

sparkling with a gusto and light

while the chilliness of the season

lent  charm with a reason

sending an enamoured  fervour

along with a rapturous   ardostarry nightur

as I sat on my ease chair

gazing at the spectacular fair.