A Day In A Way

It is truth any way

very much to the point

telling about the day

which went on without a joint

keeping one and one in a say

calling for a jerky checkpoint

that being one of gay

arising out of disjoint

be it across a delicate bay

with the clashes in the midpoint

along with  turmoil in the fray

there entered a man without any appoint

rushing through the gateway

threatening at the gunpoint

frightening all away

that was  the endpoint

with the close of the with a gun







A Deal —-Town Planning Authorities —Madurai

The clattering  sound from near

with the buildings coming up very near

the noise and sound go up in air

with the flying of scaffolding down

with the throwing of tea cups unmindful

with the pulling down of my walls  without any relent

the garden kept so far clean with greenery all around

turns messy in  a short time  as if dressed in rags

that which is brought up with care and love

gets shattered in a quick time for greed

the trees and plants looking shabby  and haggard

with dirt covered over them not little but terrible

seemingly crying for a relief in exasperation

with the proximity of the building so close

violating the norms of town planning

with the authorities keeping mum

why ?you must be knowing better

they having been rewards handsome

while the builder makes huge profits

abutting into my area  slowly and gradually

destroying my peace and ambience

this being only an example all through

where the rules are broken

with the mouth being shut by bribes hefty

while those of us who refuse to pay

seeking relief by rightful measures

go unrelieved mostly and certainly

as the world is lacking in transparency

and the officials unheeding to our plea.

permit the builder to go about

with nothing to restrain and planning


The e- book.

Books in paper bound together

becoming an edition in paper back

as well as in hard bound track

the latter expensive than the other.


Now comes the  e-book editions

read with  different applications

very easy to go through in  versions

a lively innovation and trendy invention.


The change is for better or not else befitting

as the concept of library goes  away

where stocks of books being preserved in a way

find themselves compressed in an electronic outfit .


The earth is becoming smaller and smaller

not only in distance and outlook

but also in size and Odes in eightThere Am iIon look

with the inventions getting ahead taller.


The globalisation is getting through.

The global warming is setting across.

The global learning is sailing across.

The global attitude is heading through.


Is it a change for the good

Might be it links people with a twins

making possible meetings with a shine

with that t the writings say great and good.