The Race Horse.

The horse in the stable
stood agile and able
ready for the race
reckoning a fast trace
where it would attract
as a star in the tract
cheered by the spectators
encouraged by the stake holders
having bet a huge sum on her
awaiting to see her power
as she goes on the race course
starting slowly in the first   with little force
picking up gradually in the next round
racing ahead finally  with a great sound
her hoofs galloping in a trot
she getting past the  slot
emerging  finally victorious
carrying a prize money tremendous
bringing a large fortune to the owner
and a great reputation to the trainer
The horse has proved her mettle
while she  walks back to her settle.
It being  a game or a gamble
whatsoever you might call it in the preamble
the poor horse being trained and trained
having been slogged incurring deep pain
well, the poor animal  has to bow
to the great pull and force  in the go.ThoroughbredHorse-racing


The Murmur And Destruction

The thunder was mild
seemed the sky was murmuring  by  itself
looked as though it was grumbling
going on for some time in a way soft
it gained momentum and started rocking
with a big blast and a noise
deafening the surrounding altogether
the rains got gathered in the clouds
and were preparing to fall as droplets
there arose a big voluminous sound
sonorous as it could be and frightening
giving a feel that the world has collapsed
with that the rains started to fall
with a force not known so far
coming down in torrence with a lash
drenching the area totally
making it marshy and slushy
unable to cross through
while the rain went on for days together
deluding the ground with great speed
and the land appeared like a boat
mired in the huge ocean
striking hard to reach the shore
but getting no way in the midst
apparently hard and incredible
as a wade through  would pose a risk
Days and months would go along
just for clearing up the mess
and diffusing the stress
a patienthunder  and rain

ce  is the need of the hour
as far as the murmur that has gone beyond
ending up in a  devastation and havoc great


The Seed of Rivalry.

The menace men do  to each other

is reflected in  the ill feeling they nurture

is found in the jealousy that mounts up

just for the sake of being good-looking

be a way that copes up well

then being an intelligent  person than the other

that being a reason which  manges well

next comes the feeling of living comfortably

that is the seed of all rivalry very well

followed by the execution and performance

that being got by innate trend  and practising conscienrivalry.tously

all these consignments both in part and in bulk

go about throwing in the air envy and ruthlessness

turning the person to become a wicked  and evil  human

summing up his value and strength in derogatory terms

making much of his fallacy and diabolical syndrome





The Dog Next Door.


The dog is barking all through out 
 with its throat going out 
 and our ears getting out 
 while the master has gone out 
enjoying with his family the day out  
 leaving the dog to bark all throughout.  dog