Unique species

Far from the earth
there in the dearth
there being a species
tall and high in the treatise
something rare in the world
almost extinct in the  world.

These being a variety of bird
dynamic in the earthen  gird
peculiar  in habits  and post
with looks down cast
moving almost very fast
taking flight even faster.

The bird is called differently
hard to spell independently
needing a prompt assuredly
hard to pronounce legitimately
being  a tough variance
calling for a radiance.



She Be An Embodiment

With the aching mind

and still more aching leg

with the splitting head

and a still more splitting heart burn

with an excruciating throat pain

and a still  more excruciating  stomach ache

with a nagging back pain

and a still  more nagging eye infection

she goes about with a lot of cheer

and with still more service mindedness.

A noble soul she is in real

being an embodiment of embodimentbenevolence.


Days And Dates

Dates get out of mind

days I do not find

I close my mind

having in hind

no thoughts to bind

nothing to grind

only wishing for peace

nothing in a fleece

wantingdays and dates to nestle among trees

amidst heavenly bliss.








Eating A Pie.

Eating a pie 

with a shy

saw a child

looking very mild

with smile in her eyes

looking very nice

a darling in the  make

now eating a cake

but having a future  bright

as seen in the her face  right

face being the index of the mind

well, certainly she is a  great find.Pie-Eating











A Deal Unassuming.

The fever and fret with which the world revolves.

The haste and waste with which the  life evolves.

The craze and phase with which  the existence  undergoes.

The feel and steal with which the  living is forced

All take place in a span of few decades

which is allotted to individuals in a facade .

The earth moves on rotating on its own axis

with the inhabitants going about with their own practice

Not download (30)concerned about the environment internal and external

casting a diabolical consequence knowingly or unknowingly in all.