The Retreat.

The water dashed on the rocks

turned inside with a brush.

The wind  stuck on the hillocks

went back in a rush.

The rains fell heavily on the land locks

decreased  in a hush.

The devastation was terrific on the flocks

creating a violent  crush.

There ends everything on the dock

making nothing out  in a fuss.water flows back.










A Definition Extended,

A lively day with action

getting lot of reaction

multiplied in fraction

seen in  great faction

heard in   situation

fastened by traction

undergoing a deletion

finding no reason

withstanding  all treason

going ahead in fashion

reaching the culmination

with no obstruction

thus the day went by in precision

as the action came to a stop  with a fusion

where good and bad confront  in a notion

while great and small clash in a notation

as the valid and fake  pose a confrontation

the day came to a close away from the stipulated location.Good-and-Bad-Daiquiri-small












Stumbling Puppet.

Having been busy all through the day

felt the pain in the knee at night

gnawing and splitting in a way

unable to sleep  for an hour even slight

the pain was excruciating and  acute

lying down seemed a problem great

sitting up posed an obligation statute

what am I to do ?  I  very much hate

myself and my knee all to be pulled apart

throwing them into the dustbin  at last

before becoming a  stumbling puppet

intending to race bad knee out of the world in a start.





A Dislocation

Having lived in a status  seclude

with the children  married and living away

locked to one another in a schedule’

a new entry 200271393-001 causes a flutter in a way

forcing  an adjustment in the include

that makes us dislocated for a day

spending  time having in mind   our own plans

each one not intruding into another

we experience a proximity in stance

frequently  quarrelling with one another

reconciling easily and that too at once

The routine has been so for a while

keeping us happy in a style.