Daily Archives: November 29, 2013

The Mind Thaws.

The mind thaws

the body freezes

the ideas get stuck

the movements are arrested

with the panic hidden

I go about like a figure

with all senses numbed

nothing to seek further

nowhere to wander

I stand with a feel

I go on mymind thaws heels

with a flow interrupted

with a gusto tempered.










The Dog And Me.

It being a run not for life

but out of fear great to me

that would appear insignificant to all

Wondering what would be

you sit quizzed  for a while

knotting your eyebrows tight

it might be  ridiculous to you

but to me terrible  and frightening

it is a chase that took my life out

a barking dog comes  behind  me

bow-wow, bow-wow  it shouts

I  run head over heels

seeking refuge in a house nearby

while the residents seeing me so

have a hearty laugh  at  my expense

telling that he is a most harmless one

just shoo him away dog (1) with a force

he would turn and get away

that works out easy for them

but  to me it is a task

that takes the life out

as dogs are my proven foes