The Little Master—Tendulkar.

Hailing it as a shot

he being  praised a lot

the ball goes over and above

with fours and sixes  in the move

with the score rising high

he goes into striking never shy

the little master  has broken all records

having done so with a great accord

Tendulkar all up for a retirement

would be praised for his achievement

the cricketing  fraternity is thrilled to the core

while it would witness his last innings with a roar

that be the last day of his play

being  November fourteen of 2013  in a say

as he would be remembered as the Grand Msachintendulkar_1585015caster

with the batting skill that could not be faster








A Man Ahead

Deciding not to talk
he took a walk
saw a lonely stalk
seated in a rock
standing away from its flock
it seemed to have a mental block
and was in a status locked
as it stared at him from the dock
he went forward  and got knocked
by its  grace which was in  great stock
appreciating its tenacity without a mock
he went ahead chiming like a clock,


My Worth.

The days I have lived

should it be fair enough to say

the years I have lived

that sounds good considering my age

have been spent on nothing I feel

having lived like a tree or plant

No!  that would not be a befitting comparison

as they have given shade and yield

I have been through with no initiative

just eating and sleeping all through

doing nothing serious and practical

can I ascribe my existence to a stone?

Oh!  that would not be a proper equation

as a stone has stood the test of times

remaining patient for centuries together

but I am worthless than a stone  greatly

Well, did  you say only now you  have fruitcome to know

with a jeer and a smile in recognising my inability

Well, that mockery is not without relevance

as I had been all through irrelevant.



The Din From Karaikudi

The community is so small

but have claims very tall

with download (31)download (32)food storage  call

it comes out with the  ball

that keep rolling in the fall

saying it with a shout from a hall

it then discards it from the knoll

that being the case in all

the community goes on with its move

distributing things for every  occasions in a prove

while the dishes and vessels keep piling  in a grove

the givers waiting for an opportunity to reciprocate with love

the takers having no  option but to accept  it somehow

the shops make hay over the community’s  show

making huge revenue at one stroke in a row

the idea to give is to be appreciated with a glow

altering it a bit to give it to  not those who have a flow

but to those who really need them should be the motto

Being seen in the areas down South of India in most

residing mainly around Karaikudi at the most

spending huge part of the revenue  in marriages  utmost

otherwise living  below the required levels to full most

this community of Nagarathars  spend extravagantly foremost

ignoring how much they spend  visibly and invisibly on weddings  i most.