The Days Through.

It is a day full of dullness
where there is no fullness
it looks as if there is no brightness
with the day turning into nothing.

Many days have turned so lifeless
causing a boredom nevertheless
making one weary and senseless
leaving a weird perception .

With the days becoming insensible
time moves slowly with a tremble
making the person irritable
converting the days into a days throughmillenium


The Graceful Little Girl

The little girl  is a catchy one

with beautiful eyes and lovely nose

eyes sparkling all the more with a glow

while  the lovely nose gives her a profile

so elegant and regal   with a dignity on the way.



Must be enchanting to see her

You might secretly wish to glance at her

but she remains exclusive all the more  so

bubbling with an overwhelming enthusiasm

circling round her family and  close friends.



Being kept so by her mother in total exclusiveness

fearing any evil eye would bring harm to her daughter

the little girl surpasses anybody’s   idea all the more

excelling in attitude  and movement  with a grace

that  places her in a pedestal of grandeur.


If the little one appears in public

she is sure to raise the bar

as all eyes that fall on her all the more

would find themselves hard to transfer their sight

and see some one or other mundane and ordinary.



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The Girl In The Terrace.

the girl in a terrace.The smile litting up  the face
she was sitting on the terrace
looking around with a gaze
chuckling to herself with a grace..

What was the smile about?
what was she doing in the terrace?
wanted to call her with a shout
contained myself in a firm stout.

She still remained there with a broad grin
very much atop the terrace
she looking pale and thin
very much away from the din.

That much is enough for the day
standing all alone in the terrace
cried from down is that the way?
Yes she smiled with a gripping sway.

Not able to withstand from below
hopping and jumping reached the terrace
gave a sound from deep hollow
asking her to come back in a follow.

She turned behind and stood straight
not a step away from the terrace
bidding me to take the steps right
ordering me to vanish from her sight.