Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity.

Sweet are the uses of adversity 

 while adversity goes on with a diversity 

the uses turn sour and become a gamble

making life hard and a struggle

giving a learning strong and sound

enabling one to face the music asweetround.








The Warmth As Felt

The luke warm silence irked

The tepid warmth galvanised.

The extra warmth scathed.

The continuous warmth  flared.

Well, that has been the way warmth shows

pleasant, exhausted and tedious

causing a vulnerability to a suffering

a perspiration in the  anvil

and a frothing in the process.

The warmth being allegorically referred

as though it is a cordiality in the offing

and an embrace in the flowing

but it is also a feeling of hotness

where the mind erupts gradually

directing towards an indifference




A lady Not Ordinary

Being a baby in mind
innocent and partly ignorant
she looked a great beauty
with a charm and cheer
hardly found in others
laughing with all happiness
never shedding tears
never showing fear
she lived a royal life
relaxed and refreshing
greatly keeping herself out
away from the routine squabbles
almost a person of large heart
embracing and extending love
with a  kindness and greatness
that is rarely found among her peers
she be a lady of pride
and is a familiar figure across
with much  repute and fame
that makes her appear tall
and illustrious  in every call.

lady of repute


A Feverish Consolidation

The mind became feverish 

with the dizzy consolidation

affected greatly by the skirmish

that came up after a confrontation

breaking the jaw bone not  in a diminish

going beyond the prescribed  direction

getting well into the referred  finish

then locking up inside with a conclusion

that being the absolute tarnish

there appeared the  combination

that ended up with a blemish.skirmish