Matrimonial Market.

In India most marriages being arranged

with love marriages being not favoured

while attending a wedding of a friend’s son

who being an excellent chef in the run

saw  the boy’s mother   in tears

she was all along in fear

as how she is going to find a bride

as people  regard culinary expertise as only a side

being not a preferred profession for them

while software professionals rule the realm

this skill has become not a worthy one

and the girl’s parents consider not this one

as a suitable match for their daughter

with that the boy being  not in the matrimonial  market

the mother lost all hopes of reaching the target

therein arose her disappointment and  distinction

her health deteriorated and she had an infraction

being in a ticklish turmoil all the while

only now she looks relieved and in style

as she  has succeeded in fixing a girl for her son

finally she would relax and live life in (29)